The Hermit’s Quest                                                                                    

By Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
© 2003  

In the Major Arcana, the Hermit, like the Fool, goes on a journey. The Hermit, however, does so with intent, leaving behind all s/he knows to seek alone for something more. The Hermit card is also often called the Inner Teacher. What this means is that you must learn for yourself, through your own work and experience. This spread is intended to help you understand and define your quest for that something more in your life, to bring it one step closer. 

Multiple questions are listed for each spread position, to help expand your thoughts on the subjects. You may select the one that feels most pertinent to your personal situation, or you may consider them all. Additional cards may be selected for the additional questions, or you may consider that facets of the single card you choose hold the answers for all. The cards, and the power, are in your hands.

    Setting Out:

    Card 1 – Why I leave
    Why am I not satisfied with what I already have or what I already know? What is pushing me or driving me on?

    Card 2 – What I seek
    What is calling out to my soul? What have I been missing all my life? What is the unknown that needs knowing?

    Card 3 – What road I take
    Where do I begin my search? What is my first step? What is the road that is right in front of me? How can I know it’s the right road?

On the Road:

    Card 4 – What I bring
    What do I think I need to help in my search? What do I truly need? What do I always carry with me? 

    Card 5 – What I leave
    What am I choosing to leave behind? What am I inadvertently leaving behind? What do I wish I could leave behind?

    Card 6 – What I find
    What do I find that I have always known would be there? What do I find that is unexpected? What is the value of what I find?

In the End:

    Card 7 – Why I am alone
    Why is this my very own journey? What does walking alone mean to me? Who am I really?

    Card 8 – Where I arrive
    What does having what I sought look like? What does it feel like? How can I know when I have found it?

    Card 9 – Where I go from here
    To what might I want to return? For what might I want to keep looking? How does what I’ve found change my next steps?

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