By Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
2001, 2004 All rights reserved

The Crone lives in a cronebody. A body that is changed from what it once was. She is living in a cronebody, in spirit and in flesh, in a life that grows as she can craft it. This spread instructs us on recognizing our human and material needs and situations, and suggests how we might fulfill those needs and address those situations. The better to craft this life for ourselves.

The cards are laid out thus, setting the boundaries of our bodily existence, the four quarters, beginning at the root: 


2         4 


Let each card describe to you the situation, so that you know its energy and the manifestations it has taken in your life. And let it also instruct you in your best course of action, the requirement and the remedy implicit in the situation.

1. Bones

     Bones are the structure of our existence. The card in this position speaks to our survival needs, to the root of our situation and its requirements. This position indicates health and physical abilities, as we are dependent for our lives on our bodies and their care. It also indicates our financial and other external physical resources that allow us to live our lives as best we can.

2. Flesh

     Flesh is the intimate surroundings of our existence. The card in this position speaks of our friends, family, lovers and neighbors. It indicates our bonding and social needs, addresses issues of emotional health, how we live with others and how we love with others.

3. Blood

     Blood is the juice of our existence. The card in this position speaks to our needs for expression, creation and individual recognition. It indicates our lust and our enthusiasm. Our sexual needs, as well as the other gratifications and feedbacks our self demands. This card tells us how to stay juicy, lest we dry up and not want to live our own lives.

4. Breath

Breath is the environment of our existence. The card in this position speaks to our place in the web of life, our routines and habits and surroundings.  What we take in and give out each day. How on a daily basis and in small ways we can effect change in our worlds.


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